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Health & Beauty

Could being positive make you live longer?

A glass of milk (left) and a glass of buttermi...

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A new study publishes in Stroke: Journal of the amercian Heart Association, suggests that those who take an optimistic view of life are less likely to suffer a stroke, and enjoy more health benefits, long-term, than those who always see the bad side.

The study, which took place with 6,044 adults over th age of 50, found that the higher the level of optimism, the lower the acute stroke risk became.

Presumably, those with a positive outlook have lower stress levels as a result, which has a positive health impact. Other research has also suggested that a glass-half-full attitude can lead to better heart health and a healthier immune system.

Are you a optimist?

Posted by Emma Cossey on July 26, 2011 9:45 AM in Health & Beauty
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The sad passing of Amy Winehouse

It's been an awful weekend for news, with the shocking attacks in Norway, the tragic train crash in China and the death of Amy Winehouse. The latter is particularly shocking, given her young age of 27, but sadly not surprising considering her history.

Perhaps the best way to pay tribute to Amy is to remember her beautiful performances rather than her personal life.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the recent events around the world.

Posted by Emma Cossey on July 25, 2011 8:30 AM in Celebrities
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Wear a helmet!

Three times a week, I commute to and from my part time role a 20-minute drive away. During that drive, around 50% of the cyclists I see don't wear a helmet. It's not just the kids either.

Surely, the worry about ruining your hair isn't bigger than protecting your head in a crash? Cyclists are vulnerable on the roads, so wearing a helmet is essential.

This video appeal from James Cracknell really makes the point.

Posted by Emma Cossey on July 22, 2011 8:30 AM in Video
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Our bodies, ourselves

Shock horror! Women don't like looking at photos of themselves

Camera Zenit 122 left view

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According to the Daily Mail, half of women hate looking at photos of themselves.

Haven't we all had the "Oh NO!" reaction when we get an email from Facebook saying someone has tagged us? And yet we all get snap happy at events so we can upload them onto Facebook.

I'll be honest, I don't like looking at photos of myself. I sit in a quiet state of denial about the two stone I've put on in the last couple of years, so seeing a new photo tends to kill that blissful ignorance.

Apparently, most women, on seeing a photo of themselves, complain about their smile - either not being white enough or being too wonky. Others complain about their eyes being closed or hating their outfit. We've all been there.

I'm not going to sit here and say "we should all accept ourselves, we're all beautiful in our own way" because...well, I don't buy it so I don't expect you to. Everyone has insecurities. Perhaps the key is accepting that. And hitting that detag button when a particularly awful photo from a crap camera (always blame the camera) pops up.

Do you like seeing photos of yourself?

Posted by Emma Cossey on July 21, 2011 12:22 PM in Our bodies, ourselves
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Push up bras, stilettos and fake tan - Suitable interview attire?

Chrsitian Louboutons stilettos.jpgEver popped a pair of beautiful stillettos on for an interview? Apparently this could kill your chances at getting the job.

According to a survey by, 42% of candidates think wearing fake tan, stilettoes and push up bras to an interview is acceptable. Employers think these are three of the worst things they can wear.

4 in 10 managers feel that Job Centres, Universities and schools are not doing enough to teach people how to dress in the workplace, and 54% of jobseekers don't think a bad outfit will impact on their job chances. Bit of a difference eh?

While I think what you wear is important, a suit and smart appearance is generally a must, I disagree that stilettos are a bad choice. As long as the heels suit the tone of the outfit and interview, does it really matter if they're high?

A few other things employers don't want to see in interviewees includes:

Continue reading >>

Posted by Emma Cossey on July 20, 2011 8:30 AM in
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Baby Beckham sparks 123% rise in sales of To Kill A Mockingbird

thebeckhams.jpgWe might not all agree on Baby Beckham's name (general consensus at Dollymix is that 'Harper' is acceptable, 'Seven' is odd) but you can't deny the selling power of brand Beckham.

It's been revealed that Harper is actually named after Harper Lee, Victoria's favourite author, who penned To Kill A Mockingbird. Since this revelation, made on David's Facebook page by video, has reported a rise of 123% on sales of To Kill A Mockingbird.

Hey, at least they're encouraging more people to read the classics. 

Posted by Emma Cossey on July 19, 2011 9:45 AM in Celebrities
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The winner of The Apprentice 2011 is...

Tom Pellereau winner.jpg
So the winner of The Apprentice has been announced after a series of tricky tasks, embarrassingly bad catchphrases and a few dark horses, and Tom has walked away with the £250k prize and the chance to work with Sir Alan Sugar.

Last night's two hour final episode, kicked off with the tough interview stage. Each candidate in the final had to put together their business plan in 48 hours, to present to the world's scariest interviewers.

In the boardroom, Jim was first to go, followed by Susan - despite many people on Twitter predicting that she might win based on her product.

Eventually, Tom and Helen returned to the boardroom, where Sir Alan had to decide between Helen's excellent track record but awful idea, and Tom's passion for inventing but inability to see things through to the end. Tom eventually won, I suspect because Sir Alan also started out inventing.

However, I think most of the final four are likely to see a good future in business. Susan has a great product and clearly a spark of entrepreneurial spirit. Helen is clearly an excellent manager, and is extremely driven. Jim...well, Jim will talk his way into an amazing job.

Do you think the best candidate won?

Posted by Emma Cossey on July 17, 2011 10:15 PM in Television
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Five essentials for camping

A one person pop-up tent.

Image via Wikipedia

Camping...well, it's not really my sort of thing. I'm far too attached to my hair straighteners to tackle a holiday where I'll have to go without a plug point.

But, there are ways to do camping with a spot of glamour. Yup, I'm talking about glamping people.

If you're planning to go camping this year, here are five ways to get your glam on:

Zippo Handwarmer
As lovely as the UK is, chances are it's going to be cold at night. So you may as well prepare for it with this little handwarmer, that will keep you warm for up to 12 hours. You can get them from the Gorillamobile

Obviously, you'll need to snap some pictures for your Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Instagram account, and the Gorillamobile lets you did this without holding your phone out at an awkward angle. Order yours from Firebox.


BBQs are just asking for trouble. The Barbegrill lets you cook lots of yummy fancy food, like asparagus and halloumi cheese, at a heat level you choose. Bye bye food poisoning. Get yours from Firebox.

iMusic Chair

It's a comfortable blow up chair and iPod speaker in one. What's not to love? Available from IWOOT.

Pocket Shower

Camping is no excuse for going without a wash for a few days. The Pocket Shower stores up to 10 litres of water, and is heated by the sun to give you a warm shower. Hurrah! It's another product from Firebox.

What do you take with you for camping?

Posted by Emma Cossey on July 15, 2011 8:30 AM in Five...
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Pippa Middleton is a tasty crumpet. Literally.

Beefeater Grill immortalises Pippa Middleton 1.jpg
This may be my favourite Pippa Middleton story yet.

The World's Most Famous Bridesmaid has been named as Britain's tastiest bit of crumpet - and Beefeater Grill has created a mosaic of her using, you guessed it, crumpets.

And obviously, they also recreated her rear in crumpet art too.

Pippa beat off competition from the likes of Fearne Cotton and Cheryl Cole to be named as the celeb most people would like to have breakfast with.

David Murdin from Beefeater Grill said; "We wanted to do something to celebrate the launch of our new breakfast menu and thought it would be interesting to find out who the nation would most like to share their first meal of the day with. It's no surprise that someone as striking as Pippa has ranked as the country's top bit of crumpet! Sadly we may not be able to guarantee Pippa as part of our breakfast offering to guests, but feel confident that they'll enjoy our extensive range of dishes, including our very own tasty crumpets and spreads, none-the-less!"

So, the all important question is:

If you were to be immortalised in food what would it be.....?

Posted by Emma Cossey on July 14, 2011 8:30 AM in Celebrities| Weird Stories
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Three things you didn't know about Made in Chelsea

MadeinChelsea.jpgNow, we all know Made In Chelsea, the reality tv show about a bunch of post Chelsea residents, is partly fictional. But we've heard a few snippets on the grapevine that even surprised us!

1) Probably the least suprising bit of gossip is that Caggie didn't actually jet off to America, as suggested in the last episode of the recent series. In fact, she was papped out with Spencer a couple of nights later.

2) Our insider tells us that Funda was actually an actress, bought into the show to act as Spencer's girlfriend.

3) Most surprisingly of all is the fact that Ollie isn't actually gay. Shocker, right?

What do you think about these revelations?

Posted by Emma Cossey on July 13, 2011 8:30 AM in Celebrities
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