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Work and Business

Turn your CV into an infographic

Looking for a job? Want to stand out? A new start up might have just the thing. is currently in BETA, but they'll shortly be allowing people to create an infographic out of a CV on LinkedIn.

This follows in the footsteps of, which created an infographic out of your Twitter details, which you can then pitch against another user.

I love this idea of creating something that really makes you stand out from other applicants though, particularly if you're looking for a role in a creative industry.

Below is a little look at how your CV might look.

CV infographic.jpg

Posted by Emma Cossey on August 18, 2011 8:30 AM in Work and Business
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Sex & Relationships

The Museum of Broken Hearts

Broken Heart symbol

Image via Wikipedia

We've all got one of those boxes hidden away filled with letters, memories and trinkets from a past boyfriend or girlfriend (even if it's tucked away in our mind rather than under the bed).

The Museum of Broken Hearts in Covent Garden, London has been launched to showcase all those things people keep after a breakup.

Exhibits include a wedding dress, an I Love You bear....and an ax. The latter was used to slowly chop up the furniture of an ex-girlfriend, over 14 days. Quite.

Enough to make you feel ok about binning your ex's picture really, isn't it?

Each item in the museum comes with a back story, so you know exactly why and how that item ended up there.

What items would you submit to the Museum of Broken Hearts?

Posted by Emma Cossey on August 17, 2011 8:30 AM in Sex & Relationships
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Weird Stories

The creepiest meal ever?

I'm what you might call a picky eater. Onions, mushrooms, peppers and mayonnaise all sit on my 'hate' list, making eating out a little tricky. Well, tricky if I ate in nice places. I'm more of a Nando's girl.

But I'd assume even the most adventurous diner would steer clear of one particular dish in Japan - Odori don (which means dancing squid rice bowl).

Have a look at the video below to see what I mean.

Essentially, it's a beheaded squid that throws some dance moves when you add anything with high salt levels. When the soy sauce is poured over it, it causes a reaction with the ions in cells of the squids' tentacles, which eventually makes the squid squirm.

Would you be brave enough to try it?

Posted by Emma Cossey on August 16, 2011 8:30 AM in Video| Weird Stories
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Sexism spotting

Where are all the (funny) women?


This is a guest post from the charming Claire Marie Slight, a digital/social media PR and freelance writer.

There's a new reality series on ITV at the moment; a talent show with a twist. Called Show Me the Funny, it's a search for the best comedian around; ten contestants battle it out to be crowned 'the funniest', and be in with a chance of winning rather a nice lot of money and their own nationwide tour. Sounds interesting, so far - although there's one major gripe I have with it: only two of the comedians are women.

Coincidence, maybe - just the luck of the draw? Perhaps. Or, on the other hand, maybe not. You see, in our fight for equal rights and opportunities, the plight of comediennes seems to have been almost entirely overlooked.

Take a moment to name ten comedians, and you'll most likely find that most are men. Why? Primarily it must be because we see more male comedians around - they're getting far more attention, and recognition, than their female counterparts. When Laura Solon won the Edinburgh Comedy Award in 2005, she was only the second woman to have done so in three decades; and only two women have ever won the "Best Stand-Up" category in the history of the British Comedy Awards. Yet - and this is where it gets interesting - when the public were allowed to vote for the People's Choice Award for King or Queen of Comedy for the first time last year, Miranda Hart was a runaway success, with an overwhelming number of votes. Clearly, it can't just be that women 'aren't as funny', then - as men such as Christopher Hitchens have been quick to suggest in the past.

The truth is that women have been overlooked on the comedy scene far too much for too long; they just don't get the chance to appear on primetime TV, and so we just don't get to hear about them as much. Over ten series of Mock the Week, there have been 422 panel appearances from male comedians compared to 45 from women - that's almost ten times as many. Men were also four times as likely to be a guest on the Have I Got News for You panel as women in 2010. Clearly, then, there's a bit of a problem there.

Continue reading >>

Posted by Emma Cossey on August 15, 2011 8:30 AM in Sexism spotting| Women on Top
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Organ Donor: Should it be opt in or opt out?

Schematic of a transplanted heart with native ...

Image via Wikipedia

Are you an organ donor? More importantly, have you taken the steps to get an organ donar card?

The current system means we have to choose to be one, and take the time to sign up for a donor cards. It's something I'm sure most of us mean to do, but never get round to. And, understandably, some people would prefer not to donate due to religious reasons or beliefs.

Campaigners are now backing a proposed system to make one of the questions on a driving licence form about becoming an organ donor. I can see the pros of this. People are more likely to sit down and apply for a driving licence, rather than take the time to apply for a donor card, But not everyone applies for a driving licence. For example, those who live in London are less likely to apply as there are more public transport options.

One suggestion that keeps coming up time and time again is to make being an organ donor an opt-out system. Therefore, if you don't want to be an organ donor, you can let them know. Otherwise, everyone's in. Again, this has its pros and cons. It would certainly make it easier for the NHS, but some people prefer to decide which of their organs would be up for donation (I know a lot of people feel uncomfortable donating their eyes).

What do you think would be the best solution?

Posted by Emma Cossey on August 12, 2011 8:30 AM in Science
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The X Factor Teaser Trailer

It's nearly that time of year again - X Factor.

It's all change this year, with only Louis remaining from the original panel. He'll be joined by Gary Barlow (yum!), Kelly Rowland (Independent woman and chart topper) and...well, Tulisa (um, she's down with the kids and that).

I'm not entirely won over by the judging panel if I'm honest, but then the show is nothing without a bunch of talented and untalented contestants - so there's still hope.

What do you think about the new panel?

Posted by Emma Cossey on August 11, 2011 8:30 AM in Television
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Beauty myths

Airbrushing - Beauty or the Beast?

juliarobertsairbrushed.jpgThe lovely Angharad Mead, better known as Glitterblog has written us a guest post all about airbrushing! Check out her blog, Edible Glitter.

Two L'Oreal ad campaigns have recently been withdrawn after they were deemed unrealistic by the Advertising Standards Authority. The decision followed a complaint by Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson, who felt that the standards of beauty portrayed by the adverts were unattainable and could cause women to suffer from problems associated with negative body image.

The adverts in question, which feature actress Julia Roberts and model Christy Turlington, had been heavily airbrushed to create the illusion of flawlessness. According to Swinson, such images send out a warped message to women about what is considered beautiful - encouraging depression, eating disorders and unnecessary cosmetic surgery. Swinson believes that leaving images unedited in advertising campaigns and magazines would help women to realise that their bodies are normal, instead of feeling that they fall short in comparison.

But is airbrushing as much of a problem as Swinson suggests? Although Julia Roberts may look flawlessly stunning in the panned L'Oreal ad, it doesn't necessarily fool us in to thinking that she looks that way all the time. In fact, I like to think that she look as much of a mess on a Sunday morning as I do.

So do we really want to see untouched celebrities staring out at us from glossy magazines? Many women read lifestyle magazines to escape from reality, much as people read books for the same reason. Reading about Harry Potter's trips to school doesn't make me run into the wall at King's Cross station, so why is Swinson so sure I'll buy into the fiction of advertising?

Last year Britney Spears released images of herself pre and post-airbrushing, showing that she's not as perfect as the magazines portray her to be. For me, it spoiled the magic. Yes, Britney's got a bit of cellulite. And yes, she's carrying a little extra weight on her hips. But you know what? If I want to see that, I'll look in the mirror.

What do you think - is retouching harmless, or should airbrushing in adverts be banned?

Posted by Emma Cossey on August 10, 2011 7:00 AM in Beauty myths
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Five sites for first time buyers

House in Sasino.

Image via Wikipedia (not my house. Sadly)

At the moment, I'm in the middle of buying a house with my boyfriend. It's all pretty overwhelming but exciting too. There are so many things to take into account - solicitors, surveyers, mortgage advisors etc, that it can be difficult to know where to start.

If you're looking for your first home, I'd recommend the following sites:

  • Money Saving Expert has a great guide for First Time Buyers, which explains the process without scaring the hell out of you. There are even some tips on how to maximise your chances of a good mortgage.
  • When you're looking for a mortgage, Money Supermarket is a good place to start.They won't list all the mortgages (for instance, you'll need to go direct to HSBC, Barclays, the Post Office and NatWest) but they'll give you an idea of what you can get.
  • Right Move is probably the best site for looking for homes, and their apps on the iPhone and iPad make house hunting a lot easier. They've also got a handy guide for First Time Buyers.
  • Mortgage Sorter has a great summary of all the costs you'll incur, which also includes furnishing and moving costs.
  • If you're struggling to get a deposit together, it might be worth looking at the government's First Buy scheme. They'll lend you a 20% equity loan, which you'll use along with your 5% deposit to get a house. You can find out more over on the First Buy website.
What sites did you find handy when house hunting?

Posted by Emma Cossey on August 9, 2011 8:30 AM in Five...| Websites
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The best Celebrity Big Brother rumours


Thought you'd seen the last of Big Brother? Think again. Channel 5 have picked it up, and we've heard some pretty exciting rumours about who might be in the Celebrity Big Brother house...

  • Pamela Anderson. Yup, the boobied Baywatcher is expected to be one of the biggest stars to enter the house. 
  • Jedward. They'll either be incredibly annoying and leave in the first week, or win us all over with their geeky charm.
  • Amy Childs. 'Star' of The Only Way is Essex. Rumoured to have chucked in TOWIE so she can enter CBB.
  • Big Fat Gypsy Weddings star Paddy Doherty. If we're going by his previous TV show, there might be a few rows over who does the washing up.
  • Kerry Katona. AND her mum. Enough said really.
Will you be tuning in this year? Or are you over the whole thing?

Posted by Emma Cossey on August 8, 2011 8:30 AM in Celebrities| Television
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Weird Stories

The weirdest iPhone case ever?

You know what I've always wanted? A severed hand attached to my iPhone.

Not really. But a Japenese company has decided there's a market for these creepy iPhone cases.

You can get them to hold your hand while on the phone to a loved one ('cus nothing says romance like palming a chunk of plastic).

Or if you've got your hands full, you could get it to hold something for you.

I slightly like the idea of getting it to give someone annoying on the train the finger while you chat.

Did I mention it comes in a child version too? Yeah, like it's not already creepy enough.

What do you think? Creepy or handy (geddit?)?

Posted by Emma Cossey on August 5, 2011 8:30 AM in Weird Stories
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